Philip Bradshaw, Today

Today, Thursday 16th April 2020. Courier New 122pt, uppercase, H85S71B31.

Philip Bradshaw, Today

Today, Saturday 2nd May 2020. DIN Condensed 56pt, lowercase. H348S81B80.

Philip Bradshaw, Today

Today, Monday 3rd August 2020. Hoefler Text Black Italic 191pt, lowercase, H247S89B71.

Philip Bradshaw, Today

Today, Sunday 28th June 2020. Edwardian Script ITC 148pt, title case, H352S38B84.


Today again. Following in the footsteps of On Kawara. Each work is created today.
This is an ongoing Instagram project. From 16th April 2020 I have posted a new image each day.
Random numbers are used to determine the font definition (case, size, font family etc.), and colour. There are more than a trillion possibilities. A small selection is shown here.

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